Thursday, October 18, 2012

A-Rod flirting woman

A-Rod flirting woman, A-Rod was flirting with a woman and she has now been identified. Since the New York Yankees third baseman isn't performing well this post-season, his private life has become headline news. On Oct. 17, Yahoo! Sports reported that Rodriguez's new love interest (if you want to call her that) has a name.

Kyna Treacy is the woman who waved to A-Rod from her great seats on Saturday. Apparently she is a bikini model (surprise, surprise) from Australia. She and A-Rod shared a wave and then exchanged numbers, but obviously her charm wasn't enough to get Rodriguez out of his slump.

A-Rod flirting with a woman at Yankee Stadium isn't surprising at all. The fact that this has blown up in to a major "news" story is a bit overkill. Naturally the story is taking the heat off of the rumors that Rodriguez could get traded to the Marlins... but that's neither here nor there. Since he hasn't done anything but make fans angry, manager Joe Girardi decided to bench him... and the decision was a welcomed one. However, this flirting story isn't helping A-Rod's image in any way.

Fans seem pretty ticked off at the (used-to-be) slugger since he seems to have the time to exchange numbers with a pretty lady but can't get on base to save his life. What are your thoughts about A-Rod and Kyna's "romance"?

A-Rod flirting with a woman is nothing new. He has dated plenty of women—from Madonna to Cameron Diaz—since his split from wife, Cynthia. It's safe to say that he won't wife up any time soon.
Title: A-Rod flirting woman
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