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Corvette 2014 Logo

Corvette 2014 Logo, One of the most-anticipated cars of the next year is the 2014 Corvette, i.e. the C7. Speculation about the next Chevy halo car has been non-stop, perhaps because the current generation Corvette is such a performance badass at a bargain price.
How does GM intend to top what is to date the best Corvette they’ve ever built?We’ll find out in a few short months, as this morning GM released the 2014 Chevy Corvette logo, as well as a reveal date. Mark January 13th, 2013 on your calendars folks, that’s when we’ll get to see the latest and greatest Corvette.

Additionally, GM has launched a new page on its website that includes its own Twitter hashtag, #one13thirteen. The next few weeks will see GM releasing more video and information via the Internet, though speculation from certain websites claims to have the design pinned down. The next engine is rumored to be yet another small-block V8, and the latest Corvette will be smaller and lighter to appeal to a more international audience.

The first major reveal is slated for November 15th and will be followed by more reveals on November 29th, December 13th, and finally January 10th, just 3 days before the official unveiling. The GM hype machine is just getting rolling though, and we imagine they’ll be teasing us rather relentlessly until January 13th. For now, enjoy the video above of the various Corvette logos through the years. We’d suggest subscribing to the Corvette’s official Facebook page for regular updates if you haven’t already.

Are you as excited for the C7 Corvette as we are?

UPDATE: The actual emblem, courtesy of our friends at Zip Corvette…

UPDATE UPDATE: We are informed that the photo was actually taken by our very good friend Keith Cornett of – credit where credit is due! Very cool, Keith…
Title: Corvette 2014 Logo
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