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VIDEO: Goat's baffling move

VIDEO: Goat's baffling move,Although he ties Sean Connery with the most amount of big-screen appearances as 007, Roger Moore is well aware he is the silliest of all the Bonds -- a take on the famed secret agent that has drawn criticism from certain fans over the years.

In typical Moore fashion, he simply laughs it off, saying recently he's used to being a target. From the New York Post:

Q: You've joked that, according to the Internet, you're the "worst Bond." Does that annoy you?
A: I'm used to bad reviews. My favorite was for [the 1956 film] "Diane" opposite Lana Turner. I played [her lover] Prince Henri. The review for either Time or Newsweek, I don't remember which, said "Lana Turner as Diane du Poitiers came onto the screen with a clattering of high heels and a flutter of false eyelashes, followed by a lump of English roast beef."

The self deprecating actor, who played Bond during most of the '70s through the mid-'80s, just celebrated his 85th birthday on Sunday. He has also just come out with a revealing book, "Bond on Bond: Reflections on 50 years of James Bond Movies" (Lyons Press).

Moore doesn't take himself seriously in the least, telling the Post that Daniel Craig is the best Bond, admitting how his children were completely ashamed to share the ski slopes with him as he was trying to improve in the sport for his films, and candidly talking about how he landed the role of 007 after Sean Connery was "fed up." You see, Moore was already friends with the producers due to their shared love of gambling. "I was on a shortlist of possible 007s to replace him because I'd been appearing [as a debonair thief] in the TV series 'The Saint.' Cubby Broccoli and Harry Saltzman [the Bond producers] were friends of mine because we met over the gambling tables. What better way for a potential Bond to meet his producers?"

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The book is chock-full of fun Bond trivia told from Moore's lighthearted perspective. Here are some examples [via the Associated Press]:

-- Moore differed from Connery in many ways, but one was that his Bond didn't smoke. Moore quit the habit well before signing on to his first 007 flick In grand irony, the man who played weapons expert Q in 17 Bond films, Desmond Llewelyn, was the opposite of tech-savvy: He barely knew how to operate a video recorder.

--Lois Maxwell, who played secretary Miss Moneypenny in 14 Bond films, first sought the role for temporary income following her husband's heart attack. She was friends with director Terence Young and asked him to place her in something to tide her family over. Little did she know.
Title: VIDEO: Goat's baffling move
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