Friday, October 19, 2012

Woman whom A-Rod flirted with ID'ed

Woman whom A-Rod flirted with ID'ed , Just in case you were wondering what type of woman would have the power to distract the great Alex Rodriguez from his game, it looks like we have some more info. The New York Post says her name is Kyna Treacy and she's a bikini model and swimwear designer from Australia.

A slumpbuster in Mark Grace's traditional definition, she is not.
To recap: The dirty blonde beauty and her gal pal Kate Quinn — sorry, just getting into the tabloid spirit here — held good seats near the New York Yankees dugout for Game 1 of the ALCS on Saturday. A-Rod's eye reportedly wandered over to her during the game, leading to a phone number inquiry in the form of a delivered baseball and then maybe the stupidest playoff controversy New York has ever seen (which is saying something) when a flabbergasted bystander reported the flirting to the Post.

As the owner of the Kini Bikini swimwear company, Treacy is probably enjoying the free publicity that her company is receiving right now. The Aussie, however, hasn't responded publicly to her outing except to tweet a claim that she's 27 years old, not 33 like the Post reported.

It also isn't known whether or not she agreed to A-Rod's reported request, though the benched Yankees third baseman is on the verge of having a lot of free time in his future. The Yankees trail the Detroit Tigers three games to none heading into Wednesday's Game 4.
With A-Rod riding the pine for the second straight night, he could sure use some good company.
Title: Woman whom A-Rod flirted with ID'ed
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