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Cheryl Reeve Meltdown

Cheryl Reeve Meltdown, Minnesota Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve lost her cool, not to mention her jacket and her mic, during Game 2 of the WNBA finals on Wednesday. Reeve's Lynx are matched against the Indiana Fever in a five-game (if neccessary) showdown to determine the 2012 WNBA champs.

The Cheryl Reeve meltdown video seen here went viral overnight due to the pure rage the WNBA coach exhibited over a third-quarter foul on player Lindsay Whalen that the refs refused to call.

Cheryl Reeve Meltdown Video: Minnesota Lynx Coach 'Not Happy' with WNBA Refs

In the video, the Lynx coach becomes irate at the failed call and can be seen ripping off her jacket and mic, which are recovered by assistant coach Shelley Patterson. During the chaos, fellow Lynx assistant coach Jim Peterson and a Lynx player attempt to be trying to hold Reeve back. (Video is to the left of this story; click image to play video.)Reeve finally settles down, but not in time to prevent a technical foul from being called against her. Whelan received a technical foul moments earlier for arguing with refs over the failed call.

Reeve made brief mention of her outburst in a post-game ESPN presser, basically saying she didn't really want to talk about it. "Clearly I wasn't happy in that moment. I wasn't happy about how the game was officiated, period. But that's all I'm going to say about it."

In other footage, the coach appears to have recovered her good humor by game's end, which makes sense considering her team won. Check out final scores below.

Minnesota Lynx Win WNBA Finals Game 2 Despite Coach's Outburst

Despite the Cheryl Reeve meltdown, or perhaps because of it, the Minnesota Lynx went on to beat out the Fever with a final score of 83-71 Wed. night, tying the series at 1-1. The first game of the series went to the Indiana Fever (score: 76-70) last Sun., taking Lynx fans (and no doubt coach Reeve) by surprise. Game 3 will be played on Fri., Oct. 19 in Indiana.

What do you think of the Cheryl Reeve meltdown video above? Did the coach go too far in expressing her outrage, or is behavior like that simply par for the course in professional sports? Sound off in the comments below!
Title: Cheryl Reeve Meltdown
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