Monday, October 15, 2012

Bobbi Kristina Nick Gordon Heart Attack Victim

Bobbi Kristina Nick Gordon Heart Attack Victim, The couple sprung into action to help a man who was suffering from a heart attack, according to Radar Online. The site reports that they were at the suburban site in Roswell, Georgia, when they were flagged down by a driver whose companion was having a heart attack.

Nick pulled the man out of the car and lay him on the ground, and Bobbi then elevated his legs to help blood circulate to his brain.

They both stayed with him until paramedics arrived. It is not known what happened to the victim from then.

Bobbi's mother, Whitney Houston, died on February 11 this year. Nick had been raised as if he were Bobbi's brother, but they are not related by blood.

Whitney's mother Cissy had requested that her assets were not to be distributed to 19-year-old Bobbi because "she is is a highly visible target for those who would exert undue influence over her inheritance and or seek to benefit from respondent's resources and celebrity."
Title: Bobbi Kristina Nick Gordon Heart Attack Victim
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