Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Close call with croc (VIDEO)

Close call with croc (VIDEO), A Costa Rican tour guide nearly lost a limb teasing a crocodile in a close call caught on video.

The man swings his bait of meat in the massive croc’s face as he moves backwards in soft mud, apparently to impress onlookers.
But at one point, the guide gets caught up in the sludge and slips. The crocodile lunges forward but the guide is spared the aquatic reptile’s powerful jaws.
“Oh my God,” someone is heard saying in the background.
By the end of the 70-second clip, the man gets up from the ground and the croc earns its lunch.
The video, uploaded to LiveLeak.com this week, had viewers in disbelief.
“It’ll end in tears one day, and they won’t be crocodile ones either,” someone wrote.
Title: Close call with croc (VIDEO)
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