Saturday, October 6, 2012

Georgia State Cash

Georgia State Cash, In terms of sports promotions, this one put together by the Georgia State athletic department for tonight’s football game between Georgia State and New Hampshire has to be one that could go horribly wrong if people get a little bit overzealous.

The game is set to be played at the Georgia Dome and thanks to a partnership with Georgia’s Own Credit Union, fans/students will be given the opportunity to come out on the field and grab $10,000 dollars in cash that will be thrown down from the rafters.

Some of you may be wondering, “Will any student athletes be allowed to participate in the cash grab?” and Sports Illustrated’s Andy Staples found out that information: I was curious as to whether Georgia State basketball post players, who would have an obvious cash-grabbing advantage because of their height, wingspan and leaping ability, could participate given the NCAA’s rules against extra benefits.

So I asked John Infante, a former athletic department compliance officer and the author of the essential Bylaw Blog, for an interpretation. Infante wrote that since the cash drop is open to any student, then it would not qualify as an extra benefit for a Georgia State athlete.

If I have any advice for anyone participating in this cash grab, it’s these two things: team up and crawl on the ground for the bills that people miss.
Title: Georgia State Cash
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