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LeSean McCoy Nicknamed Shady

LeSean McCoy Nicknamed Shady, No, “Shady” McCoy is not the name of a protagonist from an old western movie, it is, in fact, the cool nickname of the top-scoring running back in the NFL.

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy received the nickname “Shady” from his mother as a baby, due to his constantly changing mood. McCoy’s mother said that her son would “go from smiling one minute to shy the next.”

Shady can now stand for McCoy’s elusiveness on the field. A quick-shift running back, McCoy is there one second and gone the next.

Here are five other NFL players who have neat nicknames.

Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson may have the best nickname out of any player in the NFL. Nicknamed “Megatron,” Johnson is a big, strong, fast and above all, very talented wide receiver.

Megatron comes from the character in Transformers who is big and powerful with no known weaknesses.

When it comes to NFL wide receivers, Johnson is at close as it comes to this description. Johnson is a prototype receiver that destroys opposing teams’ defenses.

Patriots running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis’ nickname, “The Law Firm,” was given to him his rookie year due to him having multiple names, much like that of a law firm.
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