Monday, October 15, 2012

Pamela Anderson Owes $1.1 Million Taxes and Construction

Pamela Anderson Owes $1.1 Million Taxes and Construction, The animal rights activist and former Baywatch star supposedly uses $9,000 worth of makeup a day. She also is a delinquent taxpayer.

According to People magazine, Anderson is $1.1 million in debt– a whopping total made up of what she owes both the IRS in back taxes and penalties as well as various construction companies for working on her house.

“According to the documents, five different construction companies have filed liens against her home, the largest being $674,043 for “labor and materials … to remodel main house, construct swimming pool, construct foundations for guest house.”

Ms. Anderson also owes $252,360.39 in back state taxes and penalties. As a result, the former actress had the honor of joining the top 250 residents of California with the biggest tax debts.

The IRS reports that Americans combined owe about $290 billion in back taxes.  Interestingly enough, it seems as though much of this debt is accrued by celebrities who don’t feel as though they’re required to pay their millions in taxes every years.

Other celebrity tax evaders: Wesley Snipes, Marc Anthony, Nic Cage, and Burt Reynolds.
Title: Pamela Anderson Owes $1.1 Million Taxes and Construction
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