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Pawn Stars Lawsuit

Pawn Stars Lawsuit, Ex-Manager Sues Cast, Networks After Being Squeezed Out. A "Pawn Stars" lawsuit has been filed which will see the Las Vegas-based cast members of the hit reality TV show be sued by their ex-manager, Wayne Jefferies.

The lawsuit filed by Jefferies claims the cast members have breached a contract with him, and he is looking to damages.

According to TMZ, Jefferies has claimed that in 2007 he made the owners and employees of Gold & Silver Pawn into household names by negotiating and closing a deal for a reality television show with A&E and the History Channel.

Jefferies further claims that the cast members had previously attempted to break into reality TV entertainment but had failed. However, he alleges, when he became involved he helped "Pawn Stars" become the second-highest rated reality TV show on United States TV - only beaten by Jersey Shore.

Things turned sour, however, when Jefferies allegedly leaked news that A&E had signed up a new pawn shop spinoff show called "Cajun Pawn Stars."

It is alleged that network bosses pressured the cast to cut ties with Jefferies, and that is what he claims happened.

Jefferies has not appreciated being left behind in what he feels is a venture that has succeeded largely thanks to himself. He has now filed a lawsuit claiming a breach of contractual terms, and is requesting he be paid unspecified damages.

In addition to suing the cast members, he is also suing A&E, the History Channel, as well as a number of network executives, according to TMZ. He claims that they interfered with his management dealings.

Pawn Stars is currently in its sixth season and has been hugely successful. It follows a group as they buy and sell rare and classic objects.
Title: Pawn Stars Lawsuit
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