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Seahawks' home-field advantage

Seahawks' home-field advantage, How important is home field advantage?  Here in Seattle, there is simply no question.  For all NFL fans alike, seeing your team play at home is quite the experience.  Being able to travel a short distance to see players who are idolized has been a part of American tradition for years.
Fans up here in the Pacific Northwest are accustomed to this like no other fans.  While the teams here may have not brought in the rings, or cups that other teams have, we love and respect and support the teams that are located here in our little corner of the world.
The Seahawks currently reside in CenturyLink Field.  It hasn’t always been named that, and rabid fans will still call it the other names that is has gone by.  Seahawks Stadium and Qwest Field will be burned into memories for years to come.  The stadium itself was built from 2000 to 2002, and it opened up that year.  Since then the Seahawks have been ravaging opponents.

Opening up the doors in 2002, the Seahawks have played 87 games(not counting pre-season games). The Seahawks have won 58 of those, and lost 29 of those games, meaning the Seahawks win 66% of their games played here in Seattle. The teams that have never won here in this stadium include: Baltimore, Carolina, Cleveland, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Miami, New England, New York Jets, Oakland, and Pittsburgh (per mcubed.net). The San Fransisco 49ers lead any other team with wins in this stadium that aren’t the Seahawks with four wins.

“Those fans are really intelligent; they know when to cheer,” Aaron Rodgers said Wednesday. “They get so stinkin’ loud; they do a really good job of giving the defense that advantage when we have to go on some silent counts or when we’re trying to communicate with each other.”

Home field advantage is a great thing, no matter what stadium or arena.  Seahawks fans have taken this to an extreme.  Teams coming into “The C-Link” to play have had numerous problems.  In 2005, the Seahawks and their raucous crowd(the 12th man) caused the New York Giants into 11 false start penalties.  In a championship game in Seattle in 2011, the 12th man caused a minor “earthquake” known now as the “Beastquake” after the amazing run by Marshawn Lynch.  The 12th man gets loud and proud when the opposing team is in control, and quiet down to almost a hush when the Seahawks take control.

The Hawks alongside the 12th man in Seattle win 2 out of every 3 games that are played here.  While a lot of this credit has to go towards the team, and the preparation that they do for the opposing team, CenturyLink wouldn’t be nearly a deafening place to play without these amazing fans.  Every home game the 12th man(and women) come out to cheer for their team, and they can make a difference in any game that is being played.  Ask any of the teams that have been here, and have went home without a win.  The 12th man will continue to make things difficult for opposing teams every time they come into this stadium, it’s home field advantage at its best!
Title: Seahawks' home-field advantage
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