Monday, October 15, 2012

Taylor Momsen Spoken Word Video

Taylor Momsen Spoken Word Video, I just miss Taylor Momsen as Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl. No longer even spoken about in the show, Momsen left quite a while back to pursue a career in music in her band called The Pretty Reckless. Since then, she’s become very dark, always with loads of black makeup around her eyes to accent the permanent miserable look on her face.

In a new black & white video for one of their songs called “Under The Water,” Momsen speaks out the lyrics while the frame is a major closeup on her face and body. By the end of the video, she stands naked in front of the camera. As someone wrote in the comments on YouTube, “Girl? eat a sandwich!” She looks very thin in the video.

I dunno how I feel about Taylor Momsen. There’s something about privileged and entitled people who walk around with miserable looks on their faces that just irks me. Apparently the song is actually good, although I haven’t heard it. I still secretly hope she comes back at least for one episode in this last season of GG. Anyway, check out the video below where she speaks the lyrics of the song and bares all.
Title: Taylor Momsen Spoken Word Video
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