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Terrell Suggs Nicknamed T-Sizzle

Terrell Suggs Nicknamed T-Sizzle, Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs, the PFT defensive player of the year, goes by the nickname “T-Sizzle.” Though its precise origin isn’t known (absent research I’m too lazy to conduct), there’s a chance that, at some point in the future, it will refer to the fire and brimstone in which his mortal soul may be engulfed.

Lately, Mr. Sizzle has been taking some shots the Great Quarterback in the Sky.

It started on Monday, when Suggs referred to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady as the “nephew of God” during an appearance on NBC SportsTalk. (Suggs was referring to the instant-classic SNL skit featuring Tim Tebow and, well, Jesus.)

Appearing Tuesday on ESPN’s First Take, Suggs took a shot at Tebow. “With all due respect we don’t need God on our sidelines,” Suggs said, via “Once again God had to save Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos. He couldn’t even give them two drives? Seven to three?”

Suggs was referring to the final score of Sunday’s win-and-in home game for the Broncos, against the Chiefs.

Maybe there’s a method to Suggs’ blasphemous madness. Maybe he’s hoping to nudge the Broncos toward a victory over the Steelers, who have struggled on the road at times this season. Then, the Ravens wouldn’t have to worry about the Steelers returning to Baltimore with a chip on their shoulders, thanks to a pair of beatings that the Ravens administered in 2011.

Though Suggs undoubtedly was joking, certain topics entail slightly more risk than others. Though God may not be working to help a team win, it wouldn’t be wise to invite Him to help a team lose.
Title: Terrell Suggs Nicknamed T-Sizzle
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