Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Woman Appears To Float Above A Cornfield

Woman Appears To Float Above A Cornfield, Watch as a woman seems to float above a cornfield (VIDEO). The corn is so high in Iowa right now, it can hide a runaway bull, or even a horse. Photojournalist Cortney Kintzer with KCCI in Des Moines, Iowa, shot this eye-popping footage, which appears to show a woman floating above a cornfield.

This corn whisperer, in ponytail and plaid shirt, seems to be surfing atop the stalks, balancing gracefully as she glides through the field.

The woman, according to the KCCI news report, is actually on horseback, and is standing on her horse—yes, standing—as she tries to see over the tall cornstalks, on the lookout for a rogue bovine.

For those of us city slickers who think merely petting a horse is a big deal, it is almost as mind-boggling that the rider can stand up on her steed as it is to actually be able to float. (That would be pretty cool, too.)

The rider was one of five along with four dogs dispatched to the field to find a bull that was on the loose near the Iowa State Fair.

The bull was eventually wrangled by the riders, who discovered him hiding amid the corn. They herded the animal to the edge of the field and then lassoed him in. (Yep, lassoed.) Just your average workday in Des Moines.
Title: Woman Appears To Float Above A Cornfield
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