Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cam Newton Called Ace Boogie

Cam Newton Called Ace Boogie, Cam Newton didn’t just dismiss critics with his fantastic 2011 rookie campaign, he obliterated them off the face of the earth (metaphorically speaking). But professional athletes of Newton’s level need to stay motivated. That’s why the Carolina Panthers quarterback recently told KWWN-AM in Las Vegas he still has people to convert.

“I don’t think I knocked all the critics out, and I’m including myself as one of those critics,” Newton said, six months removed from a season in which he shattered multiple rookie records. “But was it easy? No, we are in the National Football League; nothing in this league is easy.

“We’re talking about a season that was just 6-10,” he went on. “Now that I go back and look at the film, there was things that I was disgusted about, and I feel like could have done a lot better. As we go forth on this whole preparation of the offseason, hopefully I can mend those things and get back on track.”

The interviewer closed things with a personal pet peeve of mine — the dreaded, “Should I draft you No. 1 for my fantasy team?” Ugh.

I only include Newton’s answer here because I liked it so much.

“Hey man, Ace Boogie, man,” he responded. “He ain’t going to let you down, I should tell you that.”

Message received, Mr. Boogie.
Title: Cam Newton Called Ace Boogie
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