Monday, October 15, 2012

T-Boz Owed $768,642.99

T-Boz Owed $768,642.99, All bad, all bad! Apparently the money that TLC made back in the day isnt enough to payoff T-Boz’s debt seeing that according to TMZ last month T-Boz filed for bankruptcy now that she owes creditors $768,642.99 – mostly from mortgages on her $1.2 million house.–

The sad part is its not as if she’s hitting up the malls just spending up money she doesnt have. T-Boz – takes in $11,700/month in income, with monthly expenses totaling $8,821. — Mind you that 11k is not from her TLC royalties, according to the docs, T-Boz only pulls in $1,200/month in royalties.

The kicker is T-Boz possibly could have been able to make it without filing for bankruptcy if she was able to collect the child support she claims she’s owed — which according to the docs is $250,000.

I honestly feel bad for these celebs that have to file for bankruptcy because its clear that when they buy these expensive houses it never comes to mind that one day they’ll be broke. If I was her I would start a reality TV show. It works for everyone else right?

Title: T-Boz Owed $768,642.99
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