Monday, October 15, 2012

MC Hammer $13 Million In Debt

MC Hammer $13 Million In Debt, We all made the jokes about a man who had been a head coach for over 20 years making at least 6 figures at every stop along the way, and how he really wanted the Arkansas job for the income, but when you hear $25.7 million, that’s a different story.

He’s on the hook for $25.7 million, that’s more in debt than MC Hammer. MC Hammer was only $13 million in debt.

Ummm bad decision maker? No. TERRIBLE decision maker. You have to be doing a LOT wrong to lose $25.7 million… Maybe he bet the $1.2 million in retirement funds on ULM to win straight up against the hogs to try and get a little closer to the black.

In all seriousness, the biggest question surrounding this debt was whether or not this bankrupcty case would be a distraction for the hogs this season, and even if it’s not it certainly must be a distraction for Smith who had this bizzarre press conference telling the reporters to smile.

I hear the party line coming from the players that they are behind Coach Smith the whole way, but as someone that will never make $25.7 million in my entire life, it’s very hard to stomach someone that can lose that much money. I understand he made an investment that he thought would pay off, and maybe he got played, but I cannot stand behind a man that is that irresponsible.
Title: MC Hammer $13 Million In Debt
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