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Teresa Giudice Threatening To Sue Melissa Gorga

Teresa Giudice Threatening To Sue Melissa Gorga, Melissa Gorga claims she is “officially done” with sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice. Giudice claims her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga is spreading nasty rumors about her, according to the Huffington Post. Gorga has been making the media rounds, including appearing in an Us Weekly cover and an interview on Wendy Williams’ show. Teresa has labeled it the “Victim Tour 2012″ in her blog.

While at her niece’s birthday party, she claimed Giudice twisted her arm while she was holding her son, baby Joey.

“At the very end she roughed me up a little bit, got in my face, I said not in front of my kid”, she said to a shocked Williams. “I had baby Joey in my arm and twisted it.”

But Giudice denies this incident ever happened.

“I usually don’t comment on stories about me, but I cannot ignore Melissa Marco’s vicious lie that I assaulted her at my own children’s birthday party while she was holding my baby nephew,” Teresa said to the Huffington Post. “It is completely untrue in every way. To make such a horrible accusation that involves our children is beyond despicable and speaks to her true character.”

And Giudice’s friends are coming to her defense.

“This supposedly happened at Gia and Milania’s very big, very public joint birthday party in January,” a friend of Giudice told the Huffington Post. “The party was at Space Odyssey, owned by Elvira Grau, who was with Teresa the entire time. Elvira has publicly tweeted that it’s untrue. It was a very public party with a hired photographer there. No one saw them do anything but talk. They didn’t even hug because Melissa was holding her baby, so Teresa just kissed the baby. If anything had happened, why didn’t Melissa immediately go to the press about it then? She puts every other little complaint on Twitter. Nothing.”

Gorga told Us Weekly that Giudice tried to ruin her club appearances and tried to stop them from even taking place!

“I had some club appearances booked and she called the owner and said, ‘Don’t give her another appearance. Don’t pay her.’ The owner called me up and was like, ‘Teresa is literally screaming at me.’”

“She’s trying to hurt us as much as she can financially,” Melissa added.

In the highly-anticipated reunion show, a source claimed Gorga attacked Giudice.

“Melissa lost it at the reunion and put her hands on Teresa,” one Bravo insider told the Huffington Post. “Teresa started yelling that she was going to ‘sue’ Melissa, but has not taken any legal action yet.”

Title: Teresa Giudice Threatening To Sue Melissa Gorga
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